So what does it mean?

Whether it is Krishnamurti, Osho, Buddha or anyone else saying that there should be self-knowledge, self-knowledge, self-knowledge?

The Paradox of Knowing and Unknown: Unveiling Self-Discovery

If he says know yourself or know yourself, it means that the one who is talking about knowing, can know that, and the one who cannot know, will not be said to know. Because if you If you have read him, then it is also said that a person who has read Krishnamurti well also says that what is there is unknown. If you cannot bring love, then those who are unknown, whom you do not know, after knowing them, they will say no.

The Illusion of Self-Knowledge: Unveiling the Non-Dual Truth

To speak about knowing yourself means that you can know, but cannot know the truth because when you know the truth, the truth is non-dual, isn’t it? Duality means that where there is no duality, there is no two, you cannot exist there. This means that when you are in that situation, you should not speak the situation, but speak to understand.

So when you are in that state, your consciousness is there, the ego is sitting as I, it is no more. Because we are illusion and truth is truth is the only truth, so illusion vanishes and truth continues to exist. To know oneself means to know oneself.

What say you about knowing yourself and coming to yourself? I am a man, I am a woman, I belong to this religion and caste. I belong to this country, I am a lawyer, I am a doctor, I am a father, I am a wife, I am a brother, I am a sister.

The Fluid Nature of Self-Identity: Beyond Body and Ego

You are free to Self can also be called important. It can also be said by saying mind, but when it is said to know, then it has to be known and I because there is nothing in itself. If you tell me something about yourself, you say that I I identify myself as father, wife and son.

Through all those activities and all those actions, I can get involved in doing more. You can know who is in it. Self mother can also know this ego.

And these are its most important identities. All relations are connected with this body, but you must have heard if you have read or read Osho carefully, everyone has said that you are not the body. Do you feel that you are not the body?

That’s what we say we believe that when you say I am this body, you consider yourself to be the body because you are living and doing it for this. If you are troubled by these problems, then you are thinking yourself to be the body, but you are not the body. How?

Think of it in two ways. Suppose your body is completely healthy. There is no disease or problem in your body.

The Dichotomy of Health and Mental Bondage: Seeking Liberation within the Body

You are absolutely fine, but still you feel anxious, worried, scared, tense, and something feels like something is suffocating inside of you. When you see that so many people have healthy bodies, don’t they? , Every person, means most of the people are completely healthy with their body, still why running?

Are you disappointed? Because the consciousness that is inside, in what bondage is it? It is attached to this body.

Therefore he is in bondage because consciousness and liberation are united. Has gone out of this body and out of the body. All over the world then?

One must understand the bonds so that one can detach the body from them and become free from them. Consciousness? becomes free then you body or consciousness?

Beyond the Physical: Unveiling Inner Resilience and Purpose

You are your body or something, or you can see that your body is healthy, yet there is some disturbance inside you that is making you run. It shows that you are not just the body. The second solution may also be that there must have been a time in your life when your body was not working, whether it was a problem or tired, sleepy or very tired, it could be anything.

The truth is that the body is not in a position to do anything at that time, but very important work is done at the same time. So when you stand up, some important or lovely work is done, you forget all the problems.

Are. What is the difficulty? You no longer care about what happened or did not happen in the body.

Because you are not just the body, you are just the body, so the body had an excuse, didn’t it? We see in our life that if someone If an accident or a problem happens, even if we are tired or have any number of problems in the body, we run away. Why?

It is you, your nature, who wants love, joy, goodness and wants to be free from this body. Therefore, when you say that you know yourself, you are not the body. Truth is unknown, it cannot be known, and what is said to be known is that which can be known.

The Ego’s Web: Unraveling Attachments and Finding Happiness

So you can know it connects us and the ego that is the reason how the body is connected to the world. So when you consider yourself, include the ego as well. When it is said to go, It is said that see what things I connect with.

The things you attach to cause you unhappiness and bother you. This is also the reason for your happiness, that’s why you know what is in it, understand what is in it. Look at the tasks involved.

If I were in the world, I would have gone and joined, can’t say to anyone. That I will speak only by doing. If you want to tell anything, you have to tell your identity.

You are giving your identity to the body, so how are you related to it? You say I am someone’s husband. You have to know the value of being a husband.

How do we connect someone? What is selfishness? Do we ever have a desire to belong to someone?

Craving Connections: Exploring Attachment and Identity in Relationships

We get attached to that person and expect to get something from him, get something, get money, fulfill physical needs or make us feel safe by being with him. Gets mental rest. It eases our loneliness.

This is the basis, isn’t it? Everything happens only to meet, connect with or talk to any person, so what is this? You are walking with us.

want aham. tell them I am alone right, if I am pure then he is atmaastha, but when I come with body, we live in this world, he indulges with body Wants to spread itself by being. Then he says that I am the husband, I have one identity, and I am the king, I have two identities.

I belong to such-and-such religion, such-and-such caste, such-and-such country, I am man, I am black, I am tall, what am I doing? That’s why it is necessary to know its nature. What does it connect to in the Self and what is the basis of it to which it connects Krishnamurti says that you can only know from your relationships.

Unraveling the Illusion of Attachment: Love, Truth, and Inner Cleansing

Is this what everyone has said, Krishnamurti? So bonding doesn’t just mean that you become attached to a person for everything, whether I go or Jesus. You have to evaluate whatever I associate with you.

Is love the basis? Love is the reason for your unhappiness, because nothing else will. Do you know?

Truth cannot be ascertained. can you? If you can’t bring cleanliness into your home, what will you do?

If you remove the garbage, then the cleaning will happen automatically. What would you do if you spilled dirt on a floor? Do you bring in the cleanliness from outside or remove that mess?

When will the garbage be removed? When we know it’s shit because we don’t know it yet, why do we think it’s not shit? Because we survive Monday that mud will look a little dirty, but he’ll have fun in it.

If we are living like this, then all the filth, desires, anger, greed, jealousy, attachment and violence in our life will make us grow up. We seem to be doing a lot. We’re not doing anything so there’s a mess on the floor, we’ll know.

When we know that it is filth, we will clean and remove that filth, so that there will be no need for cleaning again. When cleanliness comes by itself, there will be no love in life, if there is no peace in life, then there will be no peace in that life. And understanding the cause of suffering, that really calms me down.

So suppose you are getting attached or relating to someone when you are free from that. So do you wish him well, love him or just love him in name? Expecting to get something from him or getting something?

Unveiling Selfishness and Finding Purpose: Reflecting on Work and Love

We have to fulfill some wishes from him, fulfill our selfishness, remove our loneliness? When you know that I am attached only for selfishness and am selfish, then you will not want to be selfish. Because love will not happen as long as selfishness is there.

I am a business man, so there is no work. Now I will ask the businessman what are you doing. What are you doing?

Do you really love that job? Is that work really so important that without it the world cannot do well? So see is that work important, is it benefiting the world or do you love it?

He is doing the right thing, or doing it just because it serves his own selfishness, or doing it just because through him you become the master of some people.

Unmasking the Dynamics of Relationships: Fear, Selfishness, and Self-Knowledge

So while it would be natural to own someone, to be dependent on someone, to be attached to someone to relieve your loneliness, when you are dependent on someone to meet your needs, they are associated with loneliness.

So, as long as you are fulfilling your dependency by being with him and alleviating your loneliness by being with him, the relationship will last only till then and as soon as one starts getting annoyed with the other, the relationship becomes disturbed.

If born, it is important in itself and in the mother. Are there things like lust, anger, greed, jealousy, infatuation, fear, and violence in your relationships? In fact, when you attach to an object or person through thought or action, are they all there?

If this is all, then you have to consider what is the reason for this? It is fear because I am afraid. Do I really need to be afraid and why is it coming?

If I am attached to someone, is it good only for my own selfishness? So as you go on understanding its nature, you will know why it is connecting with someone and wants to connect with someone, this is called self-knowledge. This is what it means to know the Self, the mind that it is, how it functions, how it engages in the world and what things it runs after.

Whenever you feel tempted, immediately stop and Ask the question. Why? Greed is not my nature, is it?

The Quest for Love and Peace: Unveiling the Challenges of Self-Exploration

When you become angry, stop and ask yourself whether anger is my nature because it is the cause of all this suffering and disturbance. When you love someone, ask yourself are you doing good to him? Because when there is love you give it the name of love, but there cannot be love, there is no attachment, there is no attachment.

And where there is no love, there is exploitation, possession, doubt, argument and misery, then the self How would you know? Look at what you have added to it. It is attached to the base on which it is attached.

Peace will come on its own if it is based on love, well-being, liberation or seeking the good of others. But we are not like that. What does it tell us to know ourselves?

Because a healthy person does not talk to the doctor, does not talk to food. If we are talking about how to know that these are challenges in life, then this is the challenge. It means that love and peace are not there now.

So when all the things in life that I am, all the things related to it become clear and you become them, then love comes automatically. The person you are attached to brings peace to your life. Not because she is fulfilling her selfishness or to overcome loneliness by being with him.

Does she want something just because she is beautiful or not? That’s all, there is no selfishness or desire. It is good to be with her.

Unraveling the Self: Exploring Relationships, Conditioning, and Inner Awareness

Either she looks very beautiful, or we wish her well. So if that relationship remains stable If so, then self-knowledge means self-knowledge. On what basis do I connect it with the world?

You live in free, calm, silent, meditative, blissful, not afraid of anything, not courageous, if that is the case in your relationships. If there is no love, peace, fear or dependence, then you are the cause of those problems. have to know I know that I have made potato and tomato curry, how will I know?

I will recognize that potato, look what is mother’s potato? Tomatoes will also be seen. Then I will see the spices.

So come soon, I will take care of her. What is a vegetable? In the same way, I will help you understand our self when you understand all the things that make up the ego, the self, and the self.

Together with these thoughts, there is a bunch of lust, anger, criticism of people, jealousy and anger. What has been taught by your past, tradition, education? What did society teach you?

Understanding the Self: Unveiling Identity, Beliefs, and the Art of Questioning

what are your thoughts Do you have beliefs? what was your experience You reveal your identity when it all comes together. You have given your identity, religion and caste?

You are a man and your son is a woman, so what? You have not been taught anything outside this. And you are made of all this, so to understand all this is to understand yourself.

When you gain knowledge of these, you can see in each of your relationships what is the relationship? Why am I hooking up with someone? And if you know then you don’t even need to ask this question.

The questions end on their own. Unless we understand the problem, the questions do not arise. do not know.

When you understand a problem, no questions arise.

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