Hello. Over the years, in conversations with people, especially those who have had a spiritual experience or a glimpse of enlightenment, I often hear them express feelings of loneliness, isolation, or disconnection. Today, I would like to address this topic and explain that these reactions stem from the ego. True awakening and enlightenment involve seeing through the illusion of the “me” and duality, and therefore, there is no sense of loneliness, isolation, or disconnection. Such feelings are experienced by the ego, which believes that something is missing or that there should be more.

From the perspective of the self or one who is enlightened, there is a deep sense of completeness and wholeness, devoid of any sense of lack or longing. This fulfillment eliminates any possibility of feeling isolated or alone. It may be challenging to explain, but since my own awakening many years ago, I have never experienced feelings of loneliness, isolation, or disconnection. These states imply the presence of an “other” from which one is disconnected or separated. However, when there is no separate entity, only a profound sense of fulfillment and wholeness, loneliness loses its meaning.

Loneliness, in my understanding, is a purely egoic manifestation. Trying to escape, bypass, or fix it is futile and does not lead to a lasting resolution. Loneliness is an uncomfortable state, and most people instinctively want to distance themselves from it. However, true growth requires facing and embracing discomfort. Some spiritual teachers advocate for sitting with loneliness and allowing it to burn, using it as a purifying force. By deeply exploring and experiencing this feeling, one may gain insights and understanding.

Isolation or aloneness can serve as a doorway or portal to greater self-understanding, but only if we confront it directly and delve into its depths. It is important to question the origin of the feeling and inquire into the nature of the “me” that experiences loneliness. By doing so, we may discover that loneliness arises from the belief in a separate self. This realization can open the path to self-inquiry and self-examination.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that loneliness, solitude, disconnection, or feeling alone are not the result of awakening or true enlightenment. They are reactive patterns of the ego, indicating that the belief in the separate self is still present, causing suffering.

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