Hello, today I want to talk about allowing acceptance and appreciation. Now, the first two, I would like to clarify and emphasize that it’s about non-resisting and undeniable. It’s important to address the problem with typical spiritual catchphrases or keywords like “allowing” and “accepting.” Often, they lead to a bunch of individuals, each with their own ego, trying to allow and accept. This creates conflict and internal struggles with thoughts and conditioning. So, I want to turn that around and suggest looking at how we resist and deny. If we cease resisting, we automatically start allowing. If we cease denying, we naturally begin accepting. That’s how it works.

What we’re actually doing is resisting and denying. To stop doing that, we need to recognize and cease those efforts. So, for the first two aspects, I’m not suggesting doing anything actively. It’s about ceasing those actions. Now, the last aspect is appreciation. Once we have fully allowed and accepted, it’s wonderful to experience contentment. However, there’s even more joy, happiness, and fulfillment in life when we also appreciate. Appreciation is a more active attitude. It’s about universally appreciating everything for what it is, without picking and choosing.

These three aspects are key because it’s the lack of allowing, accepting, and appreciating that gives rise to negative emotions and issues. For example, if we truly allowed, accepted, and appreciated the past, what is there to regret? If we fully allowed, accepted, and appreciated the past, why would forgiveness be necessary? It’s something to contemplate. In a way, the past and the present can be combined because if we can allow, accept, and appreciate the present, it naturally extends to allowing, accepting, and appreciating the past. The past is part of the process and flow that brought us to the present. Denying or resisting the previous flow contradicts accepting the current flow.

In spirituality, there is often a significant focus on forgiveness. While forgiveness is important, I’ve come to realize that the need to forgive arises because we haven’t fully allowed, accepted, and appreciated what happened. There is a fundamental resistance and denial of what is, which leads to other issues. The same applies to regret, shame, and holding grudges against ourselves or others. All these arise because we haven’t allowed, accepted, and appreciated what has happened.

These days, I find much of my focus is on these aspects: allowing, accepting, and appreciating. They are the roots of most of the challenges I’ve encountered on my spiritual journey. When we have truly allowed, accepted, and appreciated what is, everything starts falling into place.

Thank you very much for reading.

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