We will take a look at non-duality and the way of love, truth, harmony, and unity. Many years ago, when I was still on a spiritual search and reading various books, I started contemplating and comparing different religious beliefs. I wanted to see if they could all be distilled down to their core principles. So, I kept making notes and combining and distilling, trying to get to the essence. In the end, I discovered that it seems all spiritual teachings are teaching some combination of love, truth, harmony, and unity.

Fast forward several years later, I realized the non-dual nature of reality. With this realization, I reexamined the previously distilled precepts of love, truth, harmony, and unity. I came to realize that non-duality is essentially unity, and the other three principles are further variations. For instance, harmony can be seen as a unifying aspect. When something is truly harmonious, like an orchestra playing a piece of music, it feels as if they are playing as one.

Truth, on the other hand, represents the division or pulling away from what is real. Ultimately, truth is singular and there is only one truth. If we encounter two seemingly contradictory truths, they are at best half-truths. Arguments sustain because each side holds an element of truth. However, the truth dispels lies, just as light dispels darkness. There is no real competition or fight between light and dark once the light arrives. The same principle applies to truth.

Love, the last principle, is an obvious unifier. Love brings people together. Similarly, the way I perceive it, my religion if you will, is the way of love, truth, harmony, and unity. Each of these principles carries a unifying energy. Love brings us together, hate divides us. Truth brings us together as there aren’t multiple truths, only half-truths and lies divide. Harmony brings us together, while conflict and disharmony separate and pull things apart. Ultimately, everything is fairly harmonious. Unity, which aligns with beauty, is a unifier.

In conclusion, this is my way, and it aligns well with non-duality. Non-duality is all-inclusive and doesn’t exclude. What better way to include than to utilize the unifying powers of love, truth, harmony, and unity.

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