PopularMMOs is a popular YouTuber with over 19 million subscribers, who is best known for his gaming content. His real name is Patrick Brown, and he has been creating content on YouTube since 2010. He started his channel by posting Minecraft gameplay videos and gradually expanded his content to include other games like Roblox, Terraria, and Among Us. In this article, we will explore his gaming content and what makes it so popular among his fans.

He is known for creating Minecraft videos and has become a household name in the gaming community. In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 things you didn’t know about him.

His Real Name is Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown is the man behind the PopularMMOs channel. He was born on November 25, 1988, in Connecticut, USA. He is of Irish and Italian descent.

He Has an Older Brother Named Bill

he has an older brother named Bill, who is two years older than him. Although they were not close growing up, Bill is the person who got PopularMMOs into lifting weights.

The First Online Game He Played Was Whyville

The first online game that he played was Whyville, which he played in sixth grade. Whyville is a game where you have your own little face, and there are mini-games to play. Players can earn clams, which is the game’s currency, to buy outfits and other items.

He Started YouTube to Help His Website


he started his website, popularmmos.com, before he started his YouTube channel.

He used to write reviews and post them on his website. He realized that he could make videos of himself playing games and post them on YouTube to help his website. The website is still an essential part of his YouTube channel.

He Had a Pet Named Lucky Before Cloud and Kitty


Before he had Cloud and Kitty, he had another pet named Lucky. Lucky was a black cat mixed breed that was very important to him. PopularMMOs has always been a lover of animals and considers his pets to be a part of his family.

He Had a Long-Term Girlfriend Before Jan

Before he met and married his wife Jan, PopularMMOs had another long-term girlfriend for three and a half years. He has never revealed her name to respect her privacy.

He Is of Irish and Italian Descent

PopularMMOs has a mixed ethnicity of Irish and Italian. He has not revealed much about his family background, but he has mentioned that his mother is Italian.

He Is a Fan of Anime

PopularMMOs is a fan of anime and has mentioned it in several of his videos. He enjoys watching anime and playing games based on anime.

He is an Entrepreneur

PopularMMOs is not only a YouTuber but also an entrepreneur. He has his own line of merchandise, which includes t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and more. He also has his own gaming server, which is called the “Pat and Jen Minecraft Server.”

He is a Private Person

Despite being a public figure, PopularMMOs is a very private person. He prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye and only shares what he feels comfortable sharing.


He has also mentioned that he likes to keep his online persona separate from his real-life personality.

PopularMMOs, also known as Pat, has various social media accounts where he interacts with his followers and shares updates about his content. Here are some of his social links:

Early Beginnings: From YouTube to Twitch

Minecraft is undoubtedly the game that made PopularMMOs famous. His Minecraft videos are still the most viewed on his channel, and he has over 17 million subscribers as of February 2023. His Minecraft series includes popular game modes like Survival and Adventure, and he often collaborates with other YouTubers to create content. In his Minecraft videos, he showcases his building skills, explores new worlds, and battles bosses. He also plays Minecraft mods that enhance the gameplay experience, making it more challenging and exciting for his viewers.

Building a Community: Interacting with Fans


PopularMMOs’ channel is not limited to Minecraft, though. He has also created content on other popular games like Roblox and Terraria. His Roblox videos include gameplay from popular games like Adopt Me and Tower of Hell. He also plays Roblox mods that add new content and features to the game. In Terraria, he explores the game’s vast world, battles bosses, and builds epic structures. His Terraria series is popular among fans who enjoy sandbox-style games.

energy and sense of humor

One of the things that sets PopularMMOs apart from other YouTubers is his infectious energy and sense of humor. He often uses funny voices and catchphrases to entertain his viewers. He also interacts with his fans by reading their comments and responding to them. This has helped him build a loyal fanbase that eagerly awaits his new videos.



his gaming content is also family-friendly, which has contributed to his success. Parents trust him to provide entertaining content that is suitable for their children. He avoids using profanity and other inappropriate content in his videos, making it a safe environment for kids to enjoy gaming content.

his gaming content is popular because of his skill in playing games like Minecraft, his sense of humor, and family-friendly content. He has built a loyal fanbase that enjoys watching his videos and interacting with him. He has also inspired many young gamers to start their own YouTube channels and create content. he is a shining example of how gaming content can be entertaining, educational, and safe for all ages.

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