Tolerance is often seen as a virtue, and many people emphasize the importance of being tolerant, whether it’s towards different races, beliefs, or sexual preferences. However, I believe that tolerance is overrated because it doesn’t go deep enough. There is a place beyond tolerance.

When you tolerate something, it means you put up with it. You don’t speak out against it or resist it; you simply endure it. In doing so, you may become aloof, disengaged, and disconnected from it. It’s like trying to ignore its presence and labeling that as tolerance. But that’s not tolerance. In fact, we should strive to go beyond tolerance.

When you say you tolerate something, especially in the way I described, you’re essentially saying that its presence or absence doesn’t matter. It doesn’t add value to your life. Whether it’s there or not, it doesn’t make a difference. The next step beyond tolerance is appreciation and value. It’s about seeing value in its expression or existence and genuinely appreciating it.

I understand that tolerance is not always easy, and some things are harder to tolerate than others. But appreciating and valuing something goes deeper and is more challenging. It requires you to stay engaged. When you find value and appreciate something, you are actively involved and embracing its presence in your life or in the world. Appreciation and value surpass tolerance.

I believe it is possible to take this next step beyond tolerance if we have the understanding and willingness to do so. However, the trap of tolerance lies in the fact that if your version of tolerance is merely putting up with something by being aloof and disconnected, it becomes difficult to reconnect and appreciate it. Reconnecting and embracing what you once tolerated can be challenging, as people often resist it.

I’m not suggesting that you must always appreciate and value everything. However, if there are things you have become tolerant of and can let be without any issues, I encourage you to try reconnecting with them. See if you can find some value in having them as part of the world, acknowledging that their presence positively impacts both the world and yourself. It’s not easy, but it’s possible if you delve deep into your own beliefs and examine them.

This thought experiment is an interesting departure from the usual hardcore non-duality discussions. I wanted to address tolerance because I hear people talk about it all the time, emphasizing its importance. But I believe tolerance is just the first step. It only takes you so far. To truly reach the end, you must no longer isolate or remain disengaged. In the realm of non-duality, all there is, is the self. The self encompasses everything, and anything you try to isolate or stay aloof from is, in essence, the self.

So, take the time to contemplate and ponder this concept. Play with the idea, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them below. Thank you very much.

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