Leadership is not about one big thing you do or one big event you go to. It’s about putting together a lot of small things that you do over time.

Relationships are the same way. You don’t fall in love with someone because of one thing. When you fall in love with someone, it’s the small things you do every day that add up.
People often think that leadership is about big events and grand gestures, but the truth is that it’s the small things you do every day that really make a difference.

Good leaders know that it’s not how hard they try, but how consistent they are that wins their people’s trust and admiration.

Whether you’re in a relationship or running a business, the small things you do consistently over time are what matter in the end In a personal relationship, it’s not the big things like buying flowers or remembering a birthday that make someone fall in love with you.

Instead, it’s the small, thoughtful things you do every day that show you care.

For example, saying good morning to your partner before checking your phone, getting them a drink when you go to the fridge, or listening to their problems at the end of a long day are all small things that, over time, add up and make a big difference.

Leadership is based on the same idea. There’s no one thing you can do or event you can plan that will make people trust you.

Instead, it’s a series of small, consistent things you do over time that show your commitment to your team. Good leaders know that it’s not the big things they do, but the little things they do every day that show their people they care.

Consistency is important

One way to show that you are consistent is to genuinely care about the well-being of your team.

A three-star Marine Corps general said that a good test of leadership is to ask someone how their day is going and really care about the answer.

By asking and showing genuine interest in other people, you can make a big difference and show how much you care about your team.

Just like with exercise, you won’t see results if you don’t do it regularly. You won’t get in shape by going to the gym for 9 hours, but working out for 20 minutes every day will. The same goes for being a leadership. Two-day off-sites, having speakers, and giving out certificates are all important, but the most important thing is doing the same, sometimes boring tasks every day.

The Small Things Count

Having the same beliefs and values is another way to build trust. Having a strong corporate culture where people think of each other as brothers and sisters instead of just co-workers or colleagues can help build a sense of unity and loyalty to the company.

When people have similar beliefs and values, they are more likely to work as a team and care about the success of the company.

She didn’t fall in love with you because you remembered her birthday and gave her flowers on Valentine’s Day. Because of the little things you did every day, she fell in love with you.

The little things that matter are things like saying “good morning,” getting her a drink from the fridge, and listening to her talk about a bad day. The same is true for being a leadership. What makes a difference are the little things you do over and over again, even if they don’t seem important on their own.

Creating a Strong Corporate Culture

But consistency and hard work are needed to build a strong corporate culture. Having a two-day retreat or inviting speakers to talk about leadership is not enough. The most important things are the ones you do every day, even if they don’t seem important.

Just like it’s better to brush your teeth every day for two minutes than to go to the dentist twice a year, showing your team that you care about them every day is the best way to win their trust and respect.

Executives must care about their employees and treat them like family if they want to build a strong corporate culture.

When people feel like they’re part of a family, they care more about their job and the company.

This can be done if everyone shares the same beliefs and values, just like a family is made up of people with similar values.


Leadership isn’t about one big thing you do or one thing that stands out. It’s about putting together a lot of small things that you do over time. The key is consistency, and even small things matter.

By making a strong corporate culture, executives can make their employees feel like they are part of a family. This will lead to a more loyal workforce.

Leadership is not about how hard you work, but how often you work. Small, daily acts of kindness and consideration that show you care, whether in a personal relationship or in business, are what make the biggest difference.

Good leaders know that it’s the sum of these actions over time that earns their people’s trust and respect.

Leaders can create a strong corporate culture and earn the loyalty of their people by genuinely caring about others, establishing shared beliefs and values, and showing their commitment to their team on a regular basis.

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