Let’s start by saying that the self is all there is. Non-duality reveals that duality is an illusion. Therefore, everything that happens is an expression of the self. The primary doer is the self, which makes the self omnipotent. I understand that some people may question this by asking why they can’t fly around or perform extraordinary feats. They confuse the limitations of the body-mind with limitations on their true abilities. This is a mistake. It’s similar to expecting the eyes to digest food or the stomach to see. Each part of the body-mind has its own abilities, functions, and limitations. However, this doesn’t imply separation because non-duality accommodates variation within the one thing. Variation doesn’t exclude unity.

Awakening from the Dream of Limitations

In the game that has been set up, the body-mind has specific abilities and limitations, which are part of the game. But we are not the body or the mind. Therefore, we should not identify ourselves with those limitations and say, “I am limited.” Let’s use the analogy of a dream. In a dream, everything arises from the mind, a single consciousness. Even in a nightmare, where you’re being chased, there is no one chasing you. In reality, you are chasing yourself because everything in the dream is the dream. The mind or consciousness in the dream world is omnipotent and the primary mover of everything. However, the dream character is not aware of this. It doesn’t know that there is no one chasing it. This lack of awareness is why fear arises in the dream.

Embracing the Boundless Nature of the Self

In the dream, there is a single point of perspective, which is fundamentally limiting. Omnipotence isn’t confined to a single point perspective. Therefore, don’t confuse conscious awareness, ability, and control with the self and what you truly are. The self, as all that there is, encompasses both conscious and unconscious aspects. It includes everything within the conscious awareness of this body-mind and everything beyond it. Even what is not under the control of the body-mind is still the self. Whether you are consciously aware, unconsciously aware, or superconsciously aware, it is all part of the self.

This concept may be difficult to grasp, but after realizing that you are the self, you can understand that you are omnipotent. There is no other. Everything is created and sustained by you figuratively, although in reality, there isn’t even a “me.”

Embracing the Divine Play of Roles and Perspectives

However, this doesn’t mean that suddenly the body-mind will be able to do everything it wants because everything that is happening is already how the self wants it to be. There is no other deciding factor. Everything is exactly as the self desires, even if it appears to be chance or unknown or limited from a single point perspective. It’s all the self and doesn’t impede its omnipotence.

The self plays all roles, just as in a dream, where you play the part of the dream character and all other parts. In the dream, you interact with various elements, and it’s all you. The self plays without knowing to keep the game going. In reality, all that exists is the self, and you play all the parts. You are omnipotent, but from the perspective of this body-mind, there are limitations.

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